13.04.2019     LS Tüttleben Fjodor won EXC1, CAC,VDH, BOS and
13.04.2019     the Title Landessieger Hessen-Thüringen 2019

Feb. 2019     Fjodor made it up to No. 1 of the GERMAN TOPLIST  2018
Feb. 2019     See the toplist here 

27.01.2019     LS Langerwisch Fjodor got CAC No. 15!

22.10.2018     CAC Tüttleben Fjodor got his 11.th CAC ... and
22.05.2018      Fjodor is Winner Hessen-Thüringen Cup 2018!!! 

21.07.2018     Wow, at the German Borzoi Yearshow (over 100 Borzois entered)22.05.2018      Fjodor won EXC1, CAC, VDH, BM
22.05.2018      and is German Borzoi Year Show Winner 2018!!!

08.07.2018     A new title! At the Countryshow in Hamburg Fjodor got
22.05.2018      EXC1, CAC, VDH, BM, Best Of Breed,  BIS4 and the title
22.05.2018      Landessieger Nord/Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2018 

30.06.2018      First time intermidiate-class, Fjodor at the Twilight Show in 22.05.2018      Darmstadt got EXC1, CAC, VDH, BM, Best Of Breed, 22.05.2018      BIS2!

13.05.2018      ... wow the next title: Spring Junior Winner Dortmund 2018
10.03.2018      and Fjodor won BEST OF BREED!!! 

22.04.2018      ... and again!
10.03.2018      Fourth time shown in the Youth-Class,
10.03.2018      fourth time winning in competition
10.03.2018     - BEST MALE! 
10.03.2018     ... and, also always winning his class
10.03.2018      since shown! 

07.04.2018      Fjodor has his second title!
10.03.2018      With only 12 months he fullfiled the requests for 
22.05.2018      the Title German Youth Champion!
10.03.2018      Third time shown in the Youth-Class,
10.03.2018      third time winning in competition  BEST MALE! 

10.03.2018      Toplist_2018.htmlshapeimage_16_link_0


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